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The most intuitive diagram is the symmetrical rectangular acceleration diagram, in which the time is represented on the abscissa and the acceleration, velocity and space are all represented on the ordinate axis. The resulting motion is uniformly accelerated, therefore:

If n1 is the number of engine revolutions per minute, and

is the number of camshaft revolutions, the angle covered in one minute is 2 π n radians. The angular distance covered in a second will be

Consequently, the ascent angle expressed in degrees is equal to

or 360°=2 π n radians

If θ°1 is the ascent angle in degrees, in radians it will be equal to

and the time required will be

But because half of the lift is covered accelerating and the other half decelerating, after the time


Speed being a linear function, it is represented by straight lines. The distance covered (i.e. the lift h + Δh) being a quadratic function, it is represented by two equal parabola arcs.